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The World of Avlis
« on: September 17, 2015, 01:34:58 am »


We have a new entry now up on the revived Neverwinter Vault at http://neverwinterva...rld/world-avlis !  Check it out for the easiest way to get required files for playing.

Be sure to check out our website at! New players please refer to for instructions.

A world of steel and magic where no one race or philosophy predominates, and heroes from all perspectives battle to further their cause and make a name for themselves. 

Avlis (and all CoPaP servers) no longer have passwords!  We now use the Alpha Server system for player verification in absence of the master server.  Roleplaying and staying in character is required and enforced. 
Come and see what we're all about!  Alpha server registration also includes access to the linked worlds of Arkaz, Hala, and Taris'nadur. (See for links to the sites of these worlds and further details)


* Great roleplaying crowd and DM interactions from a diverse team

* Active for over 10 years

* Holy Warrior classes available for all nine alignments based off of the Avlis pantheon

* Unique established setting, history, and lore

* Inventor of the revolutionary APS/NWNX

* Outer plane-based death and respawn system with 17 variations

* Lycanthropy system 

* Custom races including avariel, orcs, half-nymphs, lizardmen, the unique changeling, and more!

* Over 3000 areas spanning 9 servers!

* Unique crafting system

* AMS arcane system allows mages to use spells in new and interesting ways

* Unique combat modifications for both casters and martial combatants such as the Militant buffing system which rewards classes like Fighters greater bonuses from certain buffs when cast upon them, or the Barbarian Rage system which allows barbarians new types of rages to suit their styles.


Avlis is an HotU CoPaP roleplaying server. There are currently 9 servers that make up the world: The cities - MikonaElysiaLe'Or T'Nanshi and Visimontium; the Wilderness which consists of huge section of T'Nanshi, the Underdark; and the Nations M'ChekDeglos, and Ferrell

Tons of custom content!  77 Avlis custom spells, 8 custom PrCs, a massive in-depth crafting system: Artificing, Tailoring, Herbalism, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Mining, Weaponcrafting, Armorcrafting, Gemcutting, and Jewelcrafting. There's the CTS (Companion Training System) that opens a whole realm of possibilities with Druids/Rangers. 

Mikona and Elysia are the recommended servers for new character growth and we recommend starting there. You can walk from one server to another in-game if need be or use the custom IC portal system. 

Avlis also belongs to the Confederation of Planes & Planets (CoPaP) and is linked to other server vault persistent worlds.