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eyesolated Encounters
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:16:44 am »

               Hi all,

last year, when i sort of re-engaged in the NWN community after years of absence, i began coding on an advanced encounter system because i wanted to create a way of easily designing/implementing complex encounters which go beyond what is possible in NWN and is more or less exclusive to other games (like MMOs). I stopped working on it in June and only now decided to release what i had done no the vault for others to take a look on.

Basically, the system is meant to be usable by everyone that knows the Toolset and not necessarily scripting. The system works using various Objects and Variables to describe an encounter, the scripts handle the rest. With this system, you can quite easily setup multi-phase encounters, interesting boss battles or even encounters that manipulate other encounters (like turning them on/off as an easy example).

There's ways of creating additional effects for encounter phases (like spawning adds for every x seconds as long as mob y is alive, or healing the boss every x seconds) and create really engaging, interesting and hard encounters without only buffing up the creature stats.

If you're interested, i posted eE on the vault, so get it there: http://nwvault.ign.c...s.Detail&id=396.

I'll try to answer questions here AND on the vault, so please feel free to fire away '<img'>
BTW, the system was designed in a way that it would work with both NWN and NWN2, so there's versions for both games in the link above.


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