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Monster AI
« on: April 18, 2011, 02:12:36 am »

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Here I will be talking about Monster AI, feel free to discuss the topic here, I will be sharing code and asking for help in this post only...


I've decided to make an entire module which is dedicated to Custom AI with Monster Templates, for those who are interested..

It will be a bit of work, may take me a week or a few, but when I'm all done I'll post this to the & a link here as well...

Seems that it's been a long time since I put serious focus on Monsters & Improving Combat, without making the monsters Uber, it sure will be a nice mix when I'm done, as I will be making multiple levels of monsters with different AIs so they can act differently...

Somes Examples of Monster Templates:

Cowardly Mage (Flees close combat to cast spells)
The Pure Caster (Cast offensive spells down to thier last breath)
The Arch Mage (Custom AI - Aggro/Intelligent Caster)

The Cowardly Priest (flees close combat to cast spells)
The Buffer Priest (buffs & attacks always)
The Die Hard w/ a Vengance (hehe name says enough)
The Arch Priest (Custom AI - Aggressive (combat) / Caster)

The Cowardly Archer (Fless close combat & shoots when stopped)
The Buffer Archer (A Cleric/ Bard / AA which buffs)
The Tougher Than Leather AA (Never Misses & can take a licking, if you can hit it!)

The Battle Rager Barby Doll (One seriously pissed off Barbarian)

Anyway, when I'm all done I'll list the information in the download....

Root for this to get done and it will get done faster.. (I've got the time)

Help will be needed, as I'm working on stuff I may ask for script request...  '<img'>