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Feeling a bit dumb with Persistent worlds...



               Hey guys.  I am looking to host a persistent world in NWN1 for some friends.
I did this a long time ago but trying to remember how to setup the server.  I have a handful of various "persistent world" labeled files either .hak or a single .mod file.
No matter where I place them they do not show up in the Dedicated Server "Module Name" list.
I have searched for some guides, but none that I find really help with the placement/setup.
Thank you in advance.



Legacy_an ominous cow herd:

               mod files go in the modules directory; hak files go in the hak directory.
What operating system are you using?



Legacy_Vector of Myth Drannor:

               One of the things you need to make sure of is that the mod you are using was last compiled at the version you are using. If you have all of the Hak files you think you need in the correct location, make sure those files have been added to your module, and recompile the thing again.

In the mean time if you have a group that wants to play, I have a 24/7 server running right now. We have resurrected it from 12 years ago so you will find a bug here and there, but the thing is mostly pretty stable now, (although we just got through a lengthy database outage)  and is quite large - about 700 maps including interior and exterior. Even if you don't play, hit up our community members, many who still build, and maybe you can get some better insight there. Good luck
Vector of Myth Drannor - aka - Tim
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