Author Topic: Looking for Players for a PnP-style Campaign  (Read 186 times)


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Looking for Players for a PnP-style Campaign
« on: October 04, 2010, 02:11:11 am »

               It is just as the title reads. I'm looking to run a game on Sunday evenings, 7p-11p US Central, and need some players to do so. The game is mostly a port of PnP rules (including many oft-skipped things, like walk/run speeds being calculated by light/med/heavy armor/load and the race's base move, instead of a sudden cutoff that outright stops you from running, and avoiding clunky widgets/ placeables for the climbing/ jumping/ whatnot) with a strong emphasis on role playing. The setting is homebrewed, with all of the existing information about it hosted here.

And I've started a thread to track people who would be playing here.