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Lands of Larinia
« on: September 25, 2010, 03:45:36 am »

               The server has been up for several months now and is still in constant development and improvement, most of which is based on player ideas and feedback.

A bit about the server....

Lands of Larinia is an all original world based on the ideas put forth by the original D&D world depicted in the OC. Larinia, comprised of two main civilizations, The Alliance and the Lordships, has many diverse terrains you will travel on your adventures. These terrains might require the use of special items in order for you to survive, adding a bit of depth to gameplay.

Unearthed is a quest based server, with well over 60 quests, jobs, finds, or NPC interactions to do.
Quests - a standard go speak to the NPC to get an adventure to do for good xp and gold, with a possibility of an item reward.
Job - simple tasks to complete giving a decent reward of gold and xp
Finds - hidden treasures to be given to NPC's for rewards or kept to use for ones own use.
Interactions - a conversation node opened when a player has a special item of interest to an NPC.

Time is short, so more will be posted later. More information can be found on the servers forums .

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