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Savage Realms - PW Action Server
« on: August 29, 2010, 08:40:38 am »

               Savage Realms is Uber in both scope and danger.  Three years in the making, the module is an exciting, action based  persistent world in a totally unique setting with 400+ areas to explore.  Reaching level 40 is just the beginning of your challenge.  Those who enjoy searching and questing for components to make epic items and upgrade gear will enjoy the challenge of Savage Realms.  The module is huge with hundreds of areas, 1k+ unique creatures and items, plus hundreds of custom scripts add difficulty and replayability to the battles.

Players gain maximum hit points when leveling, so no more time wasted trying to get the maximum amount of hit points!

Players will need to cooperate in order to be successful.

There is some adult language and adult settings in the module.

The module requires CEP 2.2.  No other hacks required.

For additional info, server rules, questions or comments check out our new forum -

Server Name - 0 Savage Realms 1025-CEP22
Direct Connect -
Listed under  "Action" in the in-game browser and Gamespy.

So recruit some friends, and we will see you in the game!


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