Author Topic: Give this Server Module a Try, it's really good (moved)  (Read 208 times)


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Give this Server Module a Try, it's really good (moved)
« on: August 19, 2010, 03:40:30 pm »

               I've moved this post to the appropriate forums, please delete the one in "Modules"

We have all been playing NWN for some time (most of us that is), so I
thought I'd recommend a module to the community, based upon my
experience testing many server modules, because I'd only recommend
modules that are Tier 1..

Server Name:   New The Awakening
Moduel Name:  The Awakening CEP 2.3
Listed Under:   PW Action

only been playing here a few weeks, but after playing about 40+% of the
module (Has over 300 Areas) my mouth is still hanging open, this module
has 3 major key elements that make a Great Module...

A) Custom Content (Everyone's Favorite)
'B)' Balance (Critical To a Good Module)
C) Stellar Area Designs / Layout & An Many Extra Things to keep you entertained..

the encounters are very nice too, as they have obviously done a lot of
work playtesting & designing monsters, and it shows, because they
are very well thought out...  Though, I will warn you, this module is
extremely challenging and very deadly to solo if you slip into a more
difficult area than your level...

The surealistic experience /
feeling I got when playing the module, coupled with the uphoric
& captivating area designs, had me begging to see more of this
stellar module, I ran a few quest, checked out the gear, and am still
very pleased with the amount of thought and design that went into this
module, I'm very glad my friend recommended the module to me...

have to say this is the best module I've ever played on period, without
a doubt, and that my friends is a very significant statement indeed.. 
(Having built 4 Server Modules & 5 Offline / Single Player Modules)

(No  I'm not a paid actor, lol)    '<img'>