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Estium : A Golden Age
« on: August 06, 2010, 01:04:10 pm »

                Shes back.

Estium has had a hard core and hard leveling reputation since its inception shortly after nwn's was released.

Currently we are hosting our own domain and site at and running the server under rolplay.

Currently running the estium2 campaign setting the evil corruption of the world has been vanquished for nearly two hundred years and everyone praises Ninea for the golden age that has brought Trade, Expansion, and Wealth to the races of Ellistae.

Though peace has its price.  The ordained or those touched by destiny (you) as hero's largely play out what is to come and what is to be.  Will you be kind and serve this new world? Or seek to conquer it for yourselves?

Additional lore is available (day by day as I can fill it in) on the website.  
The idea of Estium 2 vary much depended on character play to develop the storyline.  Quests and equipment is available through adventures and occurances that are both scheduled and randomly occurring.
Dms are recruited from the player population and voted in each dm has an equal stake in the operation of the campaign.
We are telling a part of the setting that has not be venture into yet.  no re rolls are available it is effectively a wipe and start again situation.
Magic is light to moderate.  Builds are strictly enforced int he fact that we make sure there is a reason, a plot, to your character development.  Getting classes and xp and above all attention and help should be an issue while you play. We aim to cater and assist in your having the most fun you can possibly have.
level 40.. takes quite a few months.  You have to be used to setbacks and working in a group if you enjoy PvE for xp, we perfer a healty mix of quest and events and simple play of crawling. 

Without a biography or background given to me or posted in the forums you need to stick to a pure class.
This is a world of adults.  And most of our community is in its 20's my case 30's...  So if you like old people. where chalk fulla dust and gravestones!
Like i said about equipment xp levels and classes  we are open.  We like ideas and diversity.  keep in mind though there is a balance to maintain so you and everyone else doesn't become bored with Wayne Brady the hellball sneezing goblin.
Since no ones volunteered its Just the Administrator Suum at the quest helm.  If you enjoy running quests and like developing your own lore alongside or integrate well feel free tome come in and ask questions.  

Well I suppose thats all for now.   If theres any questions feel free to sign up at or in here. Ill check periodicly.


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