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                There's something really weird about my multiplayer. I log in to the game, and the server list appears. Usually some of the servers are missing right on hand, and in a matter of 1-2 minutes, all the servers disappear until I'm left with 4-5 servers only on the list. They don't disappear as in appearing offline, but rather, nothing shows at all. As if nothing exists but these 4-5 servers. Needless to say, I can't play on the servesr I want to because of this. And I'm not even trying in the rush hours. The ping is great. The connection is strong. Any ideas? (Direct connect doesn't work, neither from desktop)



               This happens for most folk I know and though it can be intermittent, its more the norm than not. If you toggle one of your server filters On/Off, it should force the list to refresh though.

As for Direct Connecting, that only works for a single module. You need to type in the complete IP and password if the module requires one.

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               Doesn't help I'm afraid....


Legacy_Sadira of Tyr:

               That happens to me too, but it goes down to no servers. I can refresh the list by switching to another catagory, and then switching back. However the servers slowly disappear again.

My solution is to put the servers I like on the favourites list, and choose what I want from there.

Not a great solution, but it works.



               But they always appear offline in my favorite list.



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