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Password Recovery?


Legacy_Doc Rufio:

               This seems like a simple problem to me, but I can't find an answer anywhere:

I have lost the password to a mutliplayer account for nwn and cannot figure out how to recover the password.  The e-mail address for the account is active.

Thanks for any help.





Legacy_Doc Rufio:

               Thanks, that is exactly what i am looking for, but it isn't recognizing the username and it is not sending the right account to my e-mail (it is sending my other accounts though).  It is almost as if my account isn't even being recognized as existing, or I misspelled my e-mail address.

Oh well, It seems like I am stuck for now.


Legacy_Doc Rufio:

               Well, strange findings, but the problem seems to be solved sort of.  I actually re-created the account with the exact same name, password, and e-mail, and it let me do it without any issues, then when I logged into the server I had been playing on, my characters were all there in the server vault.  It seems like my username was never even created in the bioware database or something.

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