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               Does anyone know of a way to tell if the Player triggering the death event died from death magic or something else?

put. I'm looking to implement my bleeding system, but if a player takes
enough damage to instantly hit -10 hp then no OnDying event triggers,
only the OnDeath.

I need to be able to tell if it was something
like 'Finger of death' or some spell that is insta death, or something
else which I'd then set them to -1 and begin the bleeding instead of
insta death.

This is to work along side PRC (Yuck it's a
horrible mess inside PRC) so I really don;t want to have to do messing
with any of their bits.



               I think, I saw statement which checked this in Hermyt's Devastating Crit Fix, its long time ago I looked into that but I know there was something like that. Give it a try and look yourself, here is the LINK.

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               Thank for the link, it helped a bit. I can now tell easily if it's an insta death, but not if it was caused by a failed saving throw (death spell etc) or just a really big rock on the head.



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