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               Just skimming over all the new stuff this forum offers and I'm seeing a great deal that is unfamiliar to me. 

I'm an old fart who doesn't  take well to change, but if someone is willing to take me by the hand and introduce me to the concepts available here maybe I can adapt a bit faster. lol

In particular a breif explanation of the things listed under:  "My Content" in the left hand window. Like: Projects,Albums, Blogs.  Just a simple explanation of what they are, and how and why I  might make use of them.

Also of interest to me are the things listed under: "Freinds".

Also, here in message window in which I'm typing this post I'm seeing something in the toolbar at the top  that says: "BBCode".  What's that for?

I've looked in the FAQ available here, but it doesn't seem to answer the questions that I personally have.  Probably because most of what I wish to know is most likely common knowledge (just not so common to me).

Thanks everyone.



               I am testing my answer on the BBC code answer while i tyep this.  I am selecting the bbc then hitting the  bold button.  It turned bold.  Now when i hit the BBC code button    I can now see the same post and however it no longers has the BBC as bold. the brackest with the encloseing the b and the /b are now shown. along with a bunch of & singns followed with nbsp for what i am guseeing are spaces.

blue test

red text

same here  

if you quote this post and click the bbc button you will be able to see the differerance. 

It is just how the editor here shows the code you are typing.  BBC or the test with the BBC applied.

Edit:Hmm  It would seem the colors are not working for me.  

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               Like: Projects,
--- End quote ---

A.) Set up a group project, I think.
Primary interest group: Mod authors, CC creators,
B.) Easily shre pictures without having to set up an account with a site like  Useful when coupled with the above, or you want to show off something your working on I'd think.
Primary interest groups: Mod authors, CC reators.
C.) Free soap box to get up on and rant about anything  "Blog" is shortened from "Web log" Essentially a digital Journel.
Primary interest groups: Angsty Teens, and prospective authors.  Also good for I'd think anyone who wants to share portions of a project..

Also of interest to me are the things listed under: "Freinds".

Also, here in message window in which I'm typing this post I'm seeing something in the toolbar at the top  that says: "BBCode".  What's that for?

--- End quote ---
D: I assume this is for easily tracking the actions/updates of people you find of interest.  It's more towards the social aspect. Might be useful for NWNconnections style things too. I.E. "Friend" your game group, and get updates when they post in threads, or talk about the campaign(Could make it a project as above I'd think?)
Primary interest group: Just about everyone really.

E: BBCode is short for "Bulletin Board Code"  You had it before with things like ;-?  = (Picture of a smiley face)  That link just allows one to gut it down to displaying the code behind teh post your writing, so you can say..  Easily make that link..   not include the period after the last word.
Primary interest group: The neatness freaks who want everything exactly their way.



               Thanks for the input guys. I've never been much for "socializing" online. I've never messed with MySpace, or FaceBook.

Heck, I often  forget to check my email for weeks at a time.

But that's what this site seems to be more focused on.... The socializing aspect.

And frankly, that's fine by me.

The majority of my communication online has always been with NWN scripters, and builders such as yourselves and over the years .I've managed to make a few freinds in that enviroment.

This site seems beneficial to such freindships.

I'm still getting my feet wet trying to maneuver about over here and figure out all the new capabilities, but I'm certain it will all "click" eventually.

My only real misgiving currently is the lack of the ability to post code within the boxes. To me, that little feature over on the old site was a godsend. It made the code much easier to read.

But then the old site seemed more focused on being a "Help" forum rather than a social one.

Hopefully we'll figure out something as far as posting code is concerned before too long.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway. lol

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               You aint alone in the NOT doing facebook, myspace, blah and such Blasco. I dont mess with that ~CENSORED~ either.



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