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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them

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               I think I might've posted this in the wrong place the first time, so I'll repost it here.
Hi, this is more of a general question for people who play the game. If you had to guess what the most successful approach to a PW would be in terms of leveling and hooking players into a server, what would it be?
I've always been under the assumption that people prefer to have a banking system in case they mess up their character and have to redo, and also having a re-leveler in general in case they didn't necessarily screw up the starting stats. I'm a lazy person and I -hate- re-leveling characters because of a minor mistake.
I also am a player who doesn't really like leveling, however I don't mind if the process can be expedited or is made to be enjoyable by some means of intrigue. I typically can tolerate leveling if it only takes 2-5 hours max to get to level 40.. anything beyond that I see as  tedious and boring.
But really, what do people prefer, and what do you think makes a server have consistent numbers? I know there are a lot of variables and facets that go into it, but I just want to focus on leveling and they ways people get their characters to maximum level and efficacy. What types of servers are the most successful at garnering high numbers of players. What is it that draws them, is it just one thing or multiple things?



Legacy_Holy Ronin:

               It all depends on the type of player you're trying to attract. For instance, what you're describing is more of an action pw approach. So you will only cater to people who like that setting. The most important part is understanding there are different types of players who like different types of things. If you keep this in mind then you'll be fine. But don't expect to have 30 players show up in a month if you try to think you're going to cater to everyone. The more specific you are, the better luck you'll have with the players that play the place that you like to make. Personally I prefer quality over quantity.




               Donna like relevel cuz it ruin RP and let ppl build toon that not legal like elf wiz/AA that relevel to change to bard/AA to get dumps w/o XP penalty and still get LB for free, or RDD relevel xploit is not good.
Not need relevel to fix burps anyway.  If ppl build first in trainer and test level to 40 b4 start on server... mistakes found when testing.  Relevel never help with starting toon so still must test good b4 spend all ur time on server to make it work like u wanted.
Must decide if server want lots of ppl that too lazy to test build or just like relevel cheat builds.  Most ppl like real AD&D so am thinking relevel not needed for those.  Best way to get more good player is build for those.  Other good player always want to play where lots other good player go and stay away from where cheats hang.




               Players want DM attention. They want novel experiences they don't get everywhere. They want to play on worlds where other players are.
Its not complicated this stuff. It just takes a lot of work. No mystery to it.




               See:  The best way to get players (at the start) is to have group of friends/DMs who actually play the server.*
* Caveat: I do not run a mega-server.




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