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               I am here to tell you all about my favorite server of all time on neverwinter. Dungeon Eternal X (DeX) is by far the best server I've ever played on. It is a full PvP server with plenty of awesome things added in. There are multiple factions, a well balanced server, quick leveling, the ability to pk at will, knowledgable dms and so so much more. I am looking to bring this server back to it's original glory and have you all come and try it out....
Here is the IP address for the server... I really hope you come give it a shot. I need friends to play with lol
I really hope to see you there
- Mario




^^^ there is a link for the forums for DeX as well ^^^




               I decided to check this server out today. It seemed pretty fun but leveling went super fast. The crafting system is a little confusing though. I can't seem to get anything better than +1 and I'm level 21. I also couldn't find anywhere to buy healing, but some NPC kept following me around and healing me, so I guess that's okay. Otherwise seemed like a fun mod, could use more players to really be something great, though.




               You have to find the other towns to get gear better than +1. Healing kits can be purchased in "baba yaga's hut" from baba himself. I certainly agree it needs more players to be the badass server it is supposed to be, thats why i came here, to hopefully find people like you who are willing to give it a shot. Hopefully you come back, and we can play together sometime... 
(My name on DeX is Mario)




               I'll give it another shot again soon. What time zone are you in and when do you play? I'm in GMT +1. I can usually play a little while during the daytime hours.




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