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               I can't play NWN from NWN Complete Edition.
Black screen in Menu, only sound and mouse.
I installed the critical rebuild.


Legacy_NWN DM:

               System specs etc....



               My PC:
Win XP, SP3 32bit, 2GHz, DX9, Geforce 9500 GT, driver 285.58.

NWN2 is working

But NWN, not



               The splash movies and main menu are pretty flakey on my PC.  I get a lot of different results when I try to start NWN and I can't tell what causes one or another.  Oftentimes the game will not show the movies, but will play the sound.  Games will take literally minutes to load as opposed to seconds.  Occasionally the game crashes completely during the Atari portion of the vid.

Have you tried different Video drivers or maybe different resolutions?  Also see if you can fiddle with your monitor's refresh rate at all.


Legacy_Strius Lisarius:

               I have the same vidio card and drivers in my P 4 3.6 ghz. I had to install and uninstall both games 3 times to get NWN 1 working with 1.69 crit. rebuild only. The uninstall was all the way to the atari folder, in program files, on C: drive. I tried it again last night, installed 1.69 & CEP 2.0. Works fine for now. I have the same amd 2 ghz processer with ati 512 with diamond edition on it, plays fine. Reinstall as many times as it takes to get a clean install. It really helps.

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