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Important information regarding "Neverwinter Nights Complete" edition

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               I bought this version of the game and began installing add-ons.  While trying to get 1.70 up and running I ran into a snag.  Here's the result:

After ShaDoOoW's patient assistance, we have determined that the (English) edition of NWN, packaged with NWN2 as NEVERWINTER NIGHTS COMPLETE, does NOT include the latest official version of the game (1.69) in the installation. It currently retails for $29.99 in the US. A picture of the edition in question can be found here:

This is significant because after you install the game, the launcher and the updater both say 1.69. Even worse, if you try to update the game, it will not only tell you that the game is up to date, but will also try to get you to install an add-on for Mass Effect and Sonic Chronicles. Below is a link to a set of "Critical Rebuild Patches" that you can use to rectify this problem.

The following is a list of ways to verify that you have 1.69 installed:

1. Check the toolset (second down on the launcher) and see if you have access to the following tilesets:
--City Interior 2
--Fort Interior
--Castle Exterior, Rural
If they're missing, it's likely that you are using an out of date version of the game.

2. Go to your NWN installation folder and open the "data" folder. Once there, find the file "xp2patch.bif" and check it's size. Installing the game from the "Complete" package results in a file size of 124MB. A 1.69 updated (English) version of this file is a whopping 351MB - a difference of about 225MB.

Considering the enormous difference in sizes for the 2 versions of "xp2patch.bif", I think it's safe to say there is likely a considerable amount of other game pieces that are missing (besides just the tilesets mentioned above). At the link below, you can find the "Critical Rebuild Patches." I strongly recommend you make use of them before playing the game using the "Complete" edition. Specifically, you'll want the one labeled "NWN + SoU + HotU" if you installed the 2 expansion packs.

I hope this information helps anyone having strange issues while using this edition of the game.

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               Good info.

Thing is, Critical Rebuild patches have been essentially imperant for installing working NWN games since even before Vista or Win7 entered the picture so noone should ever attempt using the "standard" patches anymore.  Also, in some cases, the v1.68 CR needs to be run before the v1.69 one.  Don't ask me why but on the legacy forum there it had become standard procedure to get the game running with certain configurations, the details which presently escape me.  I've also read about some needing to apply the same CR twice to get it to run properly.  Again... why?  Who knows?  But it apparently works in some cases.

Mainly for the benefit of others who may be dealing with this game edition...
What is your OS and what are hardware specs? 
(You may be amazed at how differently the identical edition will install and play on vastly different configurations.)

BTW, is the complete edition available for MAC or just Windows?

In any event, I would recommend posting a similar alert post in the General Forum (it has become a one-stop info shopping place for many NWN regulars and casuals) to catch other potentially perplexed and bewildered.  A simple statement with a link to this thread would be sufficient IMO.

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               That is... a frightening bit of information HipMaestro. Considering the size and scope of this game and the countless ways it can be played, the idea of having confidence that your install is stable and balanced is a daunting prospect. I feel bad for the folks that don't spend the time to make sure their copy of the game is as close to "perfect" as possible. Maybe someday the sourcecode will be released and we will have a version of the game available that is nearly flawless (a boy can dream, can't he?).

My system:
Alienware (Dell) M18x notebook
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (fully updated at the time of this posting)
Intel Core i7-2920XM @ 2.5Ghz
32GB DDR3 @ 1333Mhz
2 x nVidia GeForce GTX 460M @ 675Mhz with 1.5GB GDDR5 each, in SLI mode (latest firmware and (DELL) drivers as of this posting)
Seagate ST9750420AS 750GB HDD @ 7200RPM with 173GB free

I'm not aware of a Mac edition, but there may be one. I got my copy from Amazon:

I will go ahead and make a post in the NWN General forum as well. I'm also making it a point to post a truncated version of this info to Amazon's review area in the hope that it will reach others.

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               Good job, Daralen!   Too bad that edition wasn't available a few years back or I would have grabbed it myself.

Things are really not as scary as it sounds, dude... just a consequence of added security layers of the newer OS's & redesigned drivers for new model graphics appliances that no longer support Open GL.  Had Bioware's NWN designers had their feet in the techno-waters as high-end computing took over, it may have been a more seamless transition. Dunno. More dreaming, this time on my part.

Had the legacy forum knowledge base been formally archived for safe-keeping, problem-solving would be MUCH easier.  Whether the site was hacked or not, the fact that they never backed it up is inexcusable and I can pretty much guarantee the cognizant systems exec would be looking elsewhere for employment in our company had such an episode occured.   But it's a game after all, not a matter of national security.

As fans, we are still extremely fortunate, though... the collective NWN faithful lives on.  Our community persists and remains a valuable and dedicated resource to resolve most any dilemma and devise most any innovation that can be imagined.



               I already threw something about this in the windows installation thread regarding this edition, after I got it working.  From what I can tell, they packaged the same "1.69" edition as the GoG version.  Maybe the install thread will be edited...maybe this post will be stickied.



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