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               Hi all
I just wanted to say that I have started a Forgotten Realms Prefab Project (FRPP) on the new vault.
This project is about making prefab modules in an attempt to make as much of the Forgotten Realms as possible starting with the Sword Coast.  The idea is to make each City, Town, and any main point of interest their own small prefab module. While making each road from one point to another as their own module.
City of Luskan – Would be its own prefab module.
The road from Luskan to Neverwinter – Would be its own prefab module.
City of Neverwinter – Would be its own prefab module.
The road from Neverwinter to Waterdeep – Would be its own prefab module.
City of Waterdeep – Would be its own prefab module
And so on.
The modules can be linked at the city gates and at crossroads using crossroad signs. Then as more prefabs become available they can be added to peoples campaigns easily. By doing this it will help keep all the modules fairly small and manageable.  Plus DM’s and builders can use what they want when they want.
If any of you would like to help your more then welcome to. If not it's ok I still plan on working on it my self. 
Thanks for your time.
Tonden Ockay




               Are you using any custom content for this project or is it all vanilla 1.69?




                    Well I have been checking out a lot of the tileset haks out there because some of them look really nice. However I have noticed that some of the really nice looking ones have so many tiles that they load really really slow. So I have picked out a few that look good and have really fast load times like the standard tilesets.
1. Medieval City tileset
2. Mountains and more tileset
     I thought about just using the standard tilesets, but most of the modules out there that are just using standard tilesets that look nice use a lot of placeables to dress up their areas. Once you add all the placeables these modules use, it really slows load times way down. So much to the point that load times would be faster just using tileset haks like the two I posted above.
  There for, to answer your question I'm leaning toward using some of the newer tileset haks like the two posted above that are not all loaded down with tons of tiles and that loads faster like the standard tilesets do. Yet look a lot better without having to use so many placeables. It all most seems like the best of both worlds other then the fact that people who only want to use the standard tilesets will not want to use the work from this project.
     I was toying around with the Medieval tileset yesterday just to see what I can do with it and how well it loads and made a beta Baldur's Gate City which can be downloaded here. It's currently a 32x32 area that is divided into 8x8 sections. I wanted to lay it all out using 32x32 to see how the whole city would look together before I broke it up into its 8x8 areas for a total of 16 different areas. Since I made it out of an 32x32 there is one 8x8 sections of just water. There for my beta Baldur's Gate City will really only have 15 8x8 area's when I am done. That is if I don't do anything out side of the city walls. 




               So Pstemarie
Are you more for custom content or vanilla 1.69?




               Here is a look at my first try at a beta Baldur's Gate City using Medieval City by Zwerkules
its a 32x32 area that I plan to brake up into 16 8x8 areas.




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