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module has LOTS of problems, I am just at my wit's end at it. Any help
would be very appreciated and you will be credited in the module
description. Thank you!


Please note: this is a work in progess.



               well i just took a look at it brief. and you seriously need to think about a naming system for the files. unless all those files are test files that your going to throw away.



               all those recite line script can be replace with a dynamic conversation and only a few scripts. you can simply pick line within a single script that set a custom token rather then having one for each line.



               The recite lines come from an imported script from the Neverwinter Nights Vault. Lol, at one time while testing the module all of the npcs turned hostile to the pc. And yes, those are test files.



               well most of the things i found was a matter of structure rather then faults. Clever ways of organising oneliners and writting reusable script. to limit the need for so many small files that do the same or almost the same thing. Your module is obviously in the early state of development so it's now you should add those things without having to rework so much previous work.



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