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Fun behaviors for creatures



                On my PW and have created a custom AI set used to give color to areas that a PC is walking through. This is for non combat actions.  For instance when a PC spawns one of my goblins and is near them they can do one of the following. (please note I took most of these ideas from ffbj - Thanks again
+ speak a line 
+ start a conversation
+ hide
+ play dead
+ lay a trap
+ give the PC some room
+ steal from the PC

What are some fun actions for 
imps (maybe some fun conversation/quest/ interactions

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               Thanks for the mention.  Glad you are having fun with it and finding some useful and amusing implementations.   For orcs I have them break things, since I view orcs as destructive.  Like useful campfires where pc's can heal up, I have orcs smash those.  For zombies if they enter an area with chickens they will go for them, everyone loves chicken, even undead.  Npc rangers go in and out of stealth, pray, spout warnings, comment on the weather...etc...



               don't really follow. when you say that teh PC spawn your goblin are you refering to friendly encounters in predetermined places (more or less). or something the player can summon?



               What's he's talking about is giving variablility to creature behaviors. Essentially not just having the standard, boring/predictable behaviors of just attacking blindly, that many builders have never gone beyond. These can be either hostile or non-hostile npc behaviors that are specifically designed for certain creatures or groups to randomize their actions and offer more interesting encounters and ambient behaviors. In this particular case, DM_Vecna, is using the approach mainly for non-hostile creatures, though this methodology can be applied to hostile creatures just as easily with favorable results.  I use it across the board for all my creatures and usually don't differentiate between them.  So sorry if I caused confusion with my commets.

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