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I am having a devil of a time getting the toolset to work on my Win7 64 bit system.
Please point me to an appropriate resource to help get me up and running? 
Need to finish a module for submission to Bioware!



Legacy_NWN DM:

               1. Update to v1.69.
2. Run as Administrator in XP SP 3 compatibility mode.
3. Something else I may be forgetting, or getting confused with NWN2 requirements.



               Should have included this:
--- running v 1.66
when i run updater i get this:

Downloading nwn_x12_english_from1668074_to1698109.md5
Latest Game Version Available: 1.69.8109
Locate patch file
Can not find patch file:
Get the critical rebuild.
The patch has been aborted
where can i get 1.69?



Legacy_Bannor Bloodfist:

               1) There is a patch exe located on the cd, that does NOT automatically get installed.  Run that first.

Then your auto-updater will run, OR you can go visit the direct patch download site to grab the 1.69 patch.  That patch WILL NOT WORK unless you have already updated to the latest version located on your cd/dvd.  The site address is Here.



               I also run NWN on a 64-bit, Windows 7 operating system. I've found it exceedingly difficult to use the automatic updater with anything more recent than Windows XP (I have a large group of friends who play with me, same problem as you) to get patch 1.69. I strongly recommend getting the update here:
Good luck!



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