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               To all roleplay devotees,

Simply dropping by these new forums to inform that the Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist PW is still featuring a vibrant community, a very active DM team and high quality story driven roleplay, in a world that keeps expanding and being tweaked.

Please check our homepage for more information:

All roleplayers invited



               There is another forum section for posting PW's. It is called "Persistent Worlds and Multiplayer". This section of the forum is more to discuss...well...."guilds" or similar  interest-groups....



               Oh, my bad, simply judged by the other posts inhere and the old forums. Is there any chance a moderator can move it?



               Reposting it there, this topic can be removed. Thanks



               Thanks ;-)

Don't expect them to move it. They don't like too much work :-)

There have been some confusion because this forum section is named similar too the old NNW1 forums one...while there now is a special section for PW's....

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