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               Hello all.  I need to take a peek at tile nodes to edit out some
unwanted appearances for a little project I am working on, but have run
into an issue while trying to peek at 1.69 content.

Zoligato's NWN Viewer (while it does offer the functionality I desire for OC items), does not allow me to look at even SoU or HotU content, let alone anything later.

I have DL'd NWN Explorer (ver 1.63), but while it has a nodes button,
it is empty and it does not show me what the actual nodes or "pieces" of
the tileset are.

I saw there is a setting that I can adjust
under File-Options, and check some node values in a box, but still not
what I am looking for.

Does anyone know of anything I am
missing?  Or is there another tool that has the functionality of NWN
Viewer, that can see later content than OC?

Thanks, Russell



               Probably better to repost in the Custom Content forum here.  When you do, you might want to be really clear about what you mean by "tile node".  I hear "tile node" and I think "path node" or maybe the "dummy nodes" on the model itself, and I'm not sure either of those is what you're talking about.

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Legacy_Bannor Bloodfist:

               NWNExplorer Reborn by Acaos will give you a full view of the tile data.  You can view anything basically.

But by tile node, you are not being exactly clear on what you are looking for:

If you are planning on removing objects, say boxes, chests, bookshelves, etc, you are likely better off viewing them in Gmax, and removing, then re-exporting them from there.

Mainly because about 85% of the tiles out there, don't have names of objects that make sense.  They will be called box01, or object07, or plane293, etc, most are NOT named as "Chest" or "Bookshelf" etc.



               Ahh, I see where I am not clear.  

You are correct, Bannor; I am indeed wanting to cut out bits and pieces of individual tiles.  In the past, I would use NWNViewer to highlight the various planes, boxes, meshes, etc that I wished to remove, make a notation of what they were, then export an ascii file and removes the offending bits.

I have NWNExplorer Reborn, but it will not highlight the individual nodalities, and so with an ascii I cannot determine which piece to cut out.

I installed gmax 1.2, but it will not open a .mdl file, so unless I can find a decent tutorial that will help me out, I am stuck.  


Legacy_Bannor Bloodfist:

               Visit the CC forum as mentioned above, there are links to stuff in there.  Gmax will require NWMax for Gmax when you find it on the vault, you have to grab the right copy.  There are versions for 3dsmax and Gmax, they are not the same.

And, you are likely in for a fairly steep learning curve.



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