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Wild Woods tileset

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               Download v0.7 here

Allow me to be the first to post regarding a CC project here - the thread continuing from here on the old forum.


I've spent the last month or so working on a new woodlands tileset that you can download from the vault in it's infancy here - it's already in a very useable state with no known bugs. It currently includes detailed woods and meadows terrain as well as roads, streams, chasms (with chasm-floor streams) emitter based special effects that can be turned off in toolset, tilefading foliage, and features/groups including thatched houses, natural features and ruins. Planned additions for the future include high cliff terrain as well as sloping raise/lower for natural and varied landscapes, tilegroups for an elven village and water terrain.

...and more importantly, I'm always looking for feedback and ideas for new stuff to work on and add. Cheers!

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               Beautiful stuff!






               Great tileset 6, we'll soon be adding it to our module for our forests. Been dreading getting to those areas as there wasn't a forest tileset I liked... until now!



               Looking good, man.  Excited to see those cliffs you've been working on as well as the raise / lower.  By any chance will we be seeing slopes on the raise / lower?



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