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Skill checks in Conversation



               Hi there,
I've been able to get conversations where you can Bluff: bla bla, and it will come up as a valid option IF you have the valid skill requirement.

Is there a way to be able to have a option regardless, then a success/failure response if the stat is indeed high enough.

Thx in advance,




               Yes, the logic is as follows:
PLAYER tab: The PC selects the bluff option {no scripts}
     NPC tab: SUCCESS - NPC Response {Text Appears When Script -- conditional check for PCSpeaker's bluff skill}
     NPC tab: FAILURE - NPC Response {no text appears when script}
If the skill check is successful, the NPC will respond accordingly and the failure response will never run. If the skill check fails, then the failure response will run.




               Thankyou, most obliged




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