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saving throws for placeables



               anybody know the mechanism behind this ?  the manual says that the 'xxx save determines how well the placeable object will resist a spell that allows for a xxx save' [where xxx is the type of save].
so... not very helpful.
naïvely i would guess it's the bonus to a d20 roll used to determine whether or not the thing saves, but the way many of the saves are assigned, it just doesn't make sense [for example, a fortitude save of 10 for a mirror made of glass, but a save of 3 for a big clunky bed made of hardwood].
so what is this, exactly ?  does it mean :

* the base save to beat on a d20 ?  [i.e., lower is better]

* the saving throw adjustment to the roll ?  [i.e., higher is better]

* something else entirely ?
nota - i know that the saving throw category is often used for other things [like secret doors, for example]. but what i'm trying to figure out is the straightforward usage of them in spells.
thanks much.




               Am thinking BW try to match fort with how hard placable is.  Statue made of stone, cokpot made of metal so the BW make both Fort 16.  Gess glass hard for them and mayb thick. But when placable made from many kinds of stuff, mayb not much sense for the number u see.
Mayb they get tired putting number on all placable each time and just copy others so that wut u get.  It work just like save vs creature fort but dunno if natural roll mean auto like for creature.  Prolly ned to test to figger this part.




               Nope. Placeables instantly fail any SavingThrow rolls, they are not rolling anything.
The fort/ref/will values on placeables are used only in custom scripting to determine DC etc.




               I use this gide long time to learn toolset but it have sum wrong info am thinking.  Mayb you make better gide for ppl try to learn aurora stuff Shadooow? Think it help wit stuff like this. Or you know mayb better one to use.




               I am not exactly good in writing tutorials. I am not native english speaker and I generally hate writing readmes and such.
I wrote some specific guides though:
scipting guide for effects
module switches tutorial
guide for community patch spell engine features
scripting tutorial for vanilla (and CPP) AI




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