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PW/Story Module Project: Agents of Shield-verse
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:19:49 pm »


Just some gratuitous advertising here.

Project I am working on and off.


Basically - I'm a fan of Marvel - Agents of Shield.

Even did my own Fan-Fiction and stuff for it and one of the new Fan-Fictions I was thinking of doing was around the Origins of Hydra.

(I must be psychic - because last nights episode just confirmed details that I had been putting into my Fan-Fic :-O )


The module/PW will tell a personal story taking the player through an individual journey from over a thousand years in the past, to present day. They will endure torture and experimentation at the hands of aliens, lose friends and family, be hunted and persecuted and that's all before the player is even integrated into the online multiplayer component. 


This Project will adhere to the following principles:


Magic Level: None or very little (Magic like effects are explained as a way of Science, Biology, Physics etc)


The personal journey described above :

         Chapter 1, will keep the player segregated from other players through use of nwnx_areas.

         Imagine it as a tutorial zone for an MMO, but with more emphasis on the players emotions, story which leads them to present day etc.


Chapter 2 and onwards will use d20 Modern tilesets, items, placeables to represent present day.

                Weapons included : Rifles, Guns, Lightsabres (to a lesser degree)

                At this point, the player can choose an alignment/morality of sorts. Shield or Hydra.



All magic is going to be suppressed, making room for a new 'engine' I am working on that will provide new gameplay mechanics.

Eg: The Genetics & Energy System

As a human, you have a collection of genes, that determine how your body works.

Instead of a conventional subrace engine that applies effects based on what you put in your subrace field, this engine will actually apply effects to you based on your in-game genetic code.

Each gene can be on or off: Determined by conditions.

Eg: Should the gene be active during the day, or at night.

      Should the gene be active above ground or underground etc

      Should the gene be active while standing on snow


Using this system, I am able to tailor Appearance Changes (Skin,Color,Appearance,Wings,Tails), Feat additions/Removals, Effects, Damage Applications, to specific conditions.


Some of these genetic effects will be easy to create: 

Regeneration 1 : 2hp per 10 seconds for instance


Eventually the player will acquire a stacking gene that will be


Regeneration 2 : 4hp per 10 seconds during combat (Consuming 10 Bio Energy per 7 second hb)


Other genetic effects will grant new feats, which require additional scripting, tlk edits, icon creation etc.

Eg: Ability to throw electric blasts etc


Much of the functionality is experimental and has not been stress tested fully.





If anyone is interested in joining such a project,

Let me know.