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A couple questions about the final area(s) of the game...



               I just defeated a Balor in the back alley (with my fighter), and am about to enter the portal.  My first question is... at what point can I not rest or use my Stone of Recall? I am about to catch up to my fighter (with my wizard), but I am concerned that when I get to the point where I can't rest or Recall, how do I manage with my wizard? I know that at this point if I use a spell, that's it for the rest of the game. Which isn't much more. Does anyone have any suggestions about using a wizard at the end of the game? I mean, what do I do with my wizard after I finish the War Zone?




               Only 2 place in OC for no rest or TP... L4 of Helm castle Ch 1 epilog and sanctum of source stone Ch 4. 
When you play SP always save b4 enter a transition that you not try b4 then enter and try to rest.  If toon canna rest, reload.  Now you know it no rest place.




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