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Tomi, Boddyknock and Daelen's Tale (bug?)




I'm on the second chapter in Port Llast (level 10), and for some reason the last part of these characters' tales won't trigger. There is not even a dialogue option to ask them to continue their tale (this applies to Tomi and Daelen, not Boddyknock). It could have something to do with a bug I experienced with the Henchmen Inventory and Battle AI; after the first chapter I lost Tomi's Ring of the Rogue and Daelen's Amulet. I later spawned the items using the console.
If this is the problem is there any way around it?

I would appreciate any help.



               It might be related with the way you switch henchies. I had that very problem in the OC, because I used to switch from one henchy to another just by clicking on the next one, without saying bye-bye to the fired one. The OC seems to be very sensitive about being polite...
But... I know for certain there is a fix  about that most annoying situation. Only I don't know where to find it anymore. I used it mysef, and it worked like a charm. You just have to feed the console with some magical words, scripts?, and any hencman quest will re-open, and any silent henchy will be speaking again.
I'm sure someone will see what I'm trying to describe here.
And I'ld be very pleased to add it to my list, as a matter of fact, once it's found.
I'm going to bed, I worked the whole night long. I'll try something later otherwise. Google it, the question being what is "it"...

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               Thanks for the help.

I googled a bit and found this thread: (post 8).
The problem was probably that I did not have the quest rewards in my bag when first speaking to Daelen and Tomi in chapter 2. After inputting the commands from the thread I found I got it to work.



               Hurrah! We're good here. Well, you're  good as it didn't have anything to do with what I said. But the commands made it anyway.
And don't forget to talk to your henchy! We got lucky here: Same treatment but for two different deseases: quest items in your case, or dialogue in  mine. That's funny and good to know... 
I'm sure you'll help someone when your time comes.
Now I remember exactly why I used it: I didn't wanna travel with different henchies, managing 6 different inventories and all , and keep Sharwyn the whole time, but still complete all of each quest... Cheater once, cheater for ever.

Enjoy the game.

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               DellingMW wrote...

The problem was probably that I did not have the quest rewards in my bag when first speaking to Daelen and Tomi in chapter 2.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, that's the way it works.  You must have the correct "version" of the quest reward for that module in your inventory, not stashed temporarily in a holding cache like a chest.  IIRC you must also have their specific contract artifact (Daelen's feather, Tomi's contract, etc) in inventory as well, although the hench may furnish a new one if it's missing in some cases (eg. if you enlisted the hench in the module, then dismissed him/her, but lost the artifact along the way somehow).



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