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Legacy_Westan Willows:

               What is the span iten command for the toom of death. I failed to get it in Chardwood.



               I don't recall anything around that part, but I wouldn't do that if I were you, you could break some script, and the whole d... story behind? Maybe, may be not...
About your best weapon, a good save game?
Otherwise, check my sig, 2nd link, there is an item list in it, or google it.
[EDIT: Is this a plot item? There is a pool somewhere, like Westan Willows recently suggested... as I obviously couldn't think of it myself... ]

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Legacy_Westan Willows:

               It is part of the 'The Five Tomes of Imasker' quest. Two of the tomes are it Charwood. I pick up the Tome of Fire but miss the Tome of Death. Charwood is now closed. I just don't lick to leave a quest undone.



               I'm not sure the book alone is gonna be enough to close the quest...



Legacy_Westan Willows:

               I have the other four tomes. Charwood is closed because I already judged the Jhareg brothers.



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