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Stuck in Prelude/Acedemy: I have killed everything

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Legacy_Andre Mikulec:


I am stuck in the Acedemy.
I am stuck in the Prelude.
I have kill all of the goblins.

Anth* has given me goblin keys.
She keeps telling m to go east down a corrider.
She tells tells me somthing about a Waterdavian.

I keep banging into walls while searching for hidden doors.
I can not find my way out of this acedemy.
What do I do next?

Thank you.
Andre Mikulec



               Are you still in the training halls?

There are huge double doors near the magic training rooms that lead to another part in the academy. The key Aribeth gave you should open those doors.


Legacy_olivier leroux:

               Like Snowbug said. And Aribeth is tallking about the Waterdhavian creatures you are supposed to find and protect (Waterdhavian just meaning "from the city of Waterdeep").


Legacy_Andre Mikulec:

               O.K.  I will try.

Thank you.



               Leave the room Aribeth gave you the key in and on your right hand side there is a short corridor with a door at the end - go through there



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