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               Not being an english native speaker and all but still I think there is a little mistake in the "canpaign"

I hope it doesn't spoil anyone!

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Legacy_olivier leroux:

               Without preview option and spellchecker, posting in this forum can be a paign sometimes. 


Legacy_Sharona Curves:

               Yep.  This Forum heading should be:

Neverwinter Nights 1 » NwN 1 Official Campaign (Spoilers Warning)

instead of:

Neverwinter Nights 1 » NwN 1 Official Canpaign (Spoilers Warning)



               Lol, I love this stuff.



               Yes, I'n mot too sure if the nodders of these foruns are spellchecking - seens a bit of a shane. They night have their "n" amd "m" keys nixed up for all we kmow.




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