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Shards of the mirror

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               Hi,I had some problems into finding the last shard of the broken mirror to give back to thefool in the throne room. The female drow commander was supposed to carry the last one while the queen of the winged elfs suggested to look for it in ghe throne room itself. So far I was not able to find anything. Any hint? Thx!



               IIRC, there is one in the library, one in the temple, one in the wizard's tower, and one hidden by the merchant.




               Thank you Emp, I already found those ones but failed to get the last one. The Fool kept on fooling me while the last was kept from the drow commander which I was not able to find after two ambushes from her.



               Sabal has the last shard. You confront her in the castle in the NW part of the map (where the fool is) and get it when she is defeated.




               I think that you must have all the other shards to trigger that confrontation in the castle, but I am not sure because I have never tried without all of them.




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