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How many henchmens can you have?

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You could unlock more henchmen by fiddling with toolset.

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That looks like something I'm going to have to try fiddling with so that I can have that ideal party with Valen, Nathyrra and Deekin.



               Is it possible that sort of thing can mess with dialogue triggers?




               It could mess with a lot of scripts potentially.
Dialogue designed for 2 of 4 henchmen available could break, dialogue triggers (I think) can correspond to more than one hench, so it might be that you wouldn't be able to finish romances or something.
We don't know that unless we try



Legacy_Exile Isan:

               Honestly, I don't know what Bioware was thinking giving us three great characters (Deekin, Valen, Nathyrra) and only allowing us to take two of them with us? Grr.
Where would one fix this in the toolset?




               There should be variable MaxNumberHenchmen or somesuch, so probably alter all scripts that hire and fire (including ressurections) henchies.
Might be more complicated to make them transit between modules (chapters)




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