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How many henchmens can you have?

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               I really want to have Aribeth and both Deekin and Valen as henchmens, but she won't join me. I am in chapter 3....




               Unfortunately, you can only have two as my ideal henchmen party would be Valen, Nathyrra and Deekin.




               Damn. I end up ditching Deekin, since he, as I heard, is easiest to gain influence and won betrayed me, and I have lots of influence with him. It is a shame, since he NEVER died.
EDIT: He died fighting the dracolich, but that is understandable.




               I might be misremembering but I think it's possible to have seven minions all up in HotU (only two companions, though).




               You could unlock more henchmen by fiddling with toolset.




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