Author Topic: Staff Required - Nosgoth Vampire Server  (Read 383 times)


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Staff Required - Nosgoth Vampire Server
« on: November 24, 2010, 02:56:23 pm »

               Nosgoth is recruiting dedicated staff to fill its ranks.
Synergy Planner - Message for more information.
Area Designers
NPC / Quest Writors.

Nosgoth is currently very light weight, but makes use of plugins and custom content which focus on allowing anyone who has CEP2.3 to enter the server, while providing additional benefit to players who do download our custom content.
Content which is optional includes Music & Sound Effects.

Nosgoth also boasts an Introduction Sequence which is tailored to your character, infact the Tutorial/Introduction sequence is generated on the fly, specifically for your character alone.

Visit us at
for more information