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Making Adjustments as a DM..
« on: September 10, 2010, 06:43:05 am »

               There are many tricks you can use to make adjustments to the module without having to edit monsters significantly.  Let's say in one area, the monsters are too hard, you could always put a stack of potions somewhere near to be found, which offsets these monster's power (like 1 or multiple potions of shadow shield), or maybe hand out an item with some better immunity or resistance to damage.

I've heard many people bark that resistance or damage immunity is too uber, and I'll agree that Resistance can be too uber, but that's not necessarially true if the monsters are dishing enough damage.  In fact, the whole purpose of this discussion is to show you how to make adjustments to a module with items, rather than take a massive amount of time to edit a lot of monsters to rebalance your module.

The best balanced module I played on used some pretty good items, they kept everything within reasonable damage by allowing players to have more powerful items, but they controlled the items as well, by making more powerful monsters for those wanting more of a challenge.  The kept evolving, making new areas, playtesting them thoroughly with the available gear in the module and eventually turned into one of the best balanced servers I ever seen..

The only problem I saw on this well balanced server was the experience points were rather low for the challenges you had to endure, and because they made a rule you couldn't respawn monsters in an area, it was rather hard to gain experience points without a large party, so when the player count started to fall, the popularity of the server dissappeared, though, they still remain the best balanced party module I have ever played on.

You can always use scripting to remove properties from all items, or even simply just lower the power of existing properties, be cautious to replace lost properties with something else to not steal the value of the item, because that would in turn be like robbing the players experience and time spent gaining the item..

I say Items are the best way to balance a module, because you really don't know how good your module is, or how weak it is, till you start testing it and watching players play on it, it's very hard to build a great module right out of the box, and anyone who thinks they can, is only fooling themself, every module will have flaws, even if you spent years on it, for it takes a lot of observation and testing to bring a module closer to a point that it will become very popular.

If monsters are too weak, slip them a +5 weapon, and see just how much that effects their ability to be challenging.. '<img'>

It's indicative to going to a party with a just punch as the main drink, slip it a 5th of vodka and blam, you got a party!

I hope someone enjoyed this read...    Game on.. '<img'>


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