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DM-Friendly Initiative article collection - now on NWVault
« on: August 25, 2010, 11:47:21 pm »

                 The DMFI Article Collection is now available for download. It contains:

* Building a DM-Friendly Module
* Creating a Neverwinter Nights Campaign
* DMing in a PW Environment
* Outside-the-Engine DMing in Neverwinter Nights
* The Holy Grail of Non-Linear Roleplaying 

The articles have had their resource links updated to reflect developments in NWN2 (and NWN1) since their publication, as well as some tweaks to the text. 

For those who haven't read them before, they're the result of discussions by DMs and builders on community forums in years past. The topics were chosen because they're fundamental to the DMing experience and would have relevance in the long term. This is the first time they've been made available as a package.


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