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Ranger/bard/harper agent or Arcane archer

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               Suggestions welcome, stats, feats, spells, should I choose harper agent or arcane archer....




               I like arcane archer, but usually omit bard levels - it requires little .2da manipulation to work because it is against the rules.
I have recently replayed SoU with Ranger/AA and Mischa* as Paladin and in the end it was quite easy due to extra xp from all ranger and paladin related quests.
So that one or few bard levels might not be such a stupid idea.
*needs to be unlocked again, but works superbly! They removed her from final game version.

Harper agent is thought to be weak - I have only chosen it in one module when it was fit for the story.




               If you want to do it legally and not have to mess with files do AA/bard/ranger - but keep in mind you have to be either an elf or half elf to get AA. Elf's are favored to be wizard so that might be a better option, if you don't want to have an xp penalty. Harper scouts don't have a lot going for them, which is why many people don't bother. They can be fun to RP though.




               I'd do ranger/bard/AA. Harper scounts sound interesting, but they don't seem like they have much going for them.




               Thats a pretty vague set of requirements.
Harper Agent is really only for role playing, they are mechanically just about useless.
AA/Ranger doesn't really have that good of a synergy. AA/Fighter is better.
Archery itself is very poor in NWN, so it doesn't come into it's own until quite high levels, and you really need a great bow, which you seldom find.
I played a Half-Elf Fighter/Bard/AA from SoU into HotU, and it really didn't become good until HotU.
But at Epic levels in HotU AA can be quite sweet.



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