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Bring out the gimp (playing with a non-optimized RDD build)

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Legacy_The Flying Rodent:

               She probably had her movement speed decreased by a web/grease/somethingsimilar and it didn't reset in which case, yeah, remove all items, rest and re-equip everything. Similar things can happen to the player too, most common probably being a permanent AC decrease bug from having dexterity reduced to 3 by entanglement. This fixed in a similar way.
Nwn is certainly terrific value, particularly in the character creation department. 11 base classes, 12 prestige classes, and combination of up to 3 of those for 40 levels, then all the other little skills/feats/playstyles/etc. And then there's the actual game. 
Once you get into the swing of things, if you're playing another expansion/PW, may I suggest trying a battlemage. They're tricky, but they have loooooots of ways to kill stuff, and really get you thinking as to how to tackle difficult fights from multiple angles. 




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