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I am thinking of playing SoU again for the 20th time (it has been some time though) and I am thinking of playing a ranger. Is there much for a ranger in SoU and HOTU? Mainly I am looking for being able to talk to animals and get different dialog along with exclusive dialog and ways of doing things.

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Well, there's the matter of the locked up herd used as food for Tymofarrar in SoU and you could find a nice longbow (usable by rangers only) in a cave of orcs. You should talk to Bethsheva too (the animal companion of Farghan, in a shop in Hilltop). Seems like they intended SoU for paladins in the first place and rangers soon after.



               I finished the SoU campaign once as a Ranger/Blackguard, lotta fun including when I had to save the baby.
From its mom.




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