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I can't kill J'Na

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               Well I finaly killed her.
In SoU she just destroy me either in 2 cast or her damage shield tear me apart (13dmg and I'M at sitting at 60HP).
Using the dragon powder just seems to slow her and the kobold can,t arm her much (they all die from her dmg shield after 1 hit).
Here is my char build and stats.
Base stats
Str: 14
Dex: 17
Con: 10
Int 10
Wis 15
cha 10
1 Monk: Luck of heroes / Power attack
2 Monk: 
3 Monk: Weapon Focus unarmed
4 Cleric: Domaine war and Str
5 Monk: Weapon Finess
6 Cleric: 
AB   8/5   damage is 1d8 + 2 and well I can add 1 attack and +2 dam,age with Furry of blow and cleric buffs.
I know this is not really a strong character by the low levels but I can't figure out how I could beat her even with something more powerfull. Her spell cast hit for 30dmg + on this monk with both spell resistance from my cleric spells.
So this monk can't kill her on easy setting while I know that my paladin could kill her on normal setting ( I just don't remember how I did it lol).



               Well after the 20 try I just menaged to kill her. I would not talk to her and simply attack right away and got lucky that a gnoll could knock her b4 she would cast her damage shield.
But well if anyone see a big mistake in my set-up just feel free to let me know :-P




               This belongs in a spoilers section.




               Monk / Cleric can be a great combination. Look in the NWN Epic Character Search Engine for some good examples.
If this topic needs to be moved, it needs to be moved specifically to the SoU spoilers section.




               I took care of it, Empyre.
Varlak, the best method is usually to use the powder on her and then hit her with everything you have -- overwhelm her BEFORE she's able to get a bunch of spells up.




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