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Pure Shifter or Shifter With Levels In Monk?

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I don't know. I've never played long enough to actually become a shifter or experience the Mind Blank.
What does it do? Should I be afraid of it? Do a lot of enemies use it in this game?

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Mind Blank is a wizard spell that blocks all Mind-effecting spells. Monks don't actually have this. What they have is a permanent passive ability that does the exact same thing a Mind Blank would do for them, with the added bonus that it can't be dispelled. They only get this at level 20, so unless you're planning to play your Shifter/Monk to way past level 21, it's moot for you.
As for being afraid of enemies who have this, I don't really use anything it blocks apart from Weird or Phantasmal Killer. Though the enemies that are immune to mind spells also tend to have other less than convenient abilities.



               There is one more thing: Druids can get Dragon Shape without Shifter.




               Thanks for the advice, but it might be moot now. I don't plan on playing the monk past level 4, if I play it at all. =(
I also don't really want to become a Dragon for its own sake so much as you can become a Dragon as a Shifter and I figured since I would become a Shifter anyway, might as well go all out. Since it requires WAY too many sacrifices, preparation, and likely earlier game frustrations (as I would have to have very low stats in everything to get that Wisdom up to 30 by the epic levels), I might pass.
Thank you for the suggestion though. I might actually look up Druid Shifts.




               In the Epic Character Builders Guild I linked earlier, there is a guide about Druids and a guide about Shifters, and a guide about the basics of character building. This should help, too: NWNWiki.




               HotU only takes you up to level 28.  You won't be able to get dragonshape with that limitation.  The *best* you'd be able to do is 29 wisdom (which is still a point short of dragon shape, and no extra feats for actually taking dragonshape even if you had the 30 wisdom).
HotU's also a rather high magic campaign, so I  would say don't worry TOO much about maximizing your pre-epic BAB. I would even consider a druid/fighter/shifter combo... 4 fighter instead of that 4 monk, get 4 APR, weapon specialization if you decide to focus on a specific shape.
Or you could do a magic-shifter....  You can pick up outsider shape for 25 wisdom.  Also take maximize spell or empower spell (or both!) and with rakshasa shape, you'll have unlimited empower and/or maximized ice storms.  Rakshasa's also immune to 8th level spells and lower, so you only gotta worry about a very small number of spells being thrown at you in the last part of the campaign.




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