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Pure Shifter or Shifter With Levels In Monk?

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               Perhaps you could take a screenshot?




               I'm asking for help in the technical support now.
No matter what I try to do to make it work, I hit a brick wall.




               Sounds like you might have a FullScreen=0 line in your nwn.ini file. You may find the NWN Wiki's Window Mode article of some interest. If you are still stuck, post your nwn.ini and maybe someone here can spot the problem.
Also, make sure that your nwn.ini file in your main game folder is the one actually being used. If there is a "Compatibility Files" button in the folder somewhere, that usually means that Windows is putting any changes to the file somewhere else and hoping that the game gets properly redirected to the new file when it's running. At least in some versions of Windows. In my experience, that isn't a reliable system and you are better off putting those files in the NWN folder directly and making sure the game runs with administrator rank so that it can make changes to its files in the right folder.




Monk Shifter: Taking a few levels in Monk means I'll need to invest enough points in STR, DEX and CON to get decent unarmed feats (like Cleave) but sacrifice the extra Wisdom and extra forms later. It also means I might not be able to invest in enough levels, feats or attributes to get some of the spectacular forms later. So I'll be a better all-around fighter, but won't be as neat a shifter.

--- End quote ---

In NWN a monk gains Cleave at level 1 even if he does not have str 13+ nor power attack. If you take 6 levels of monk class you will automatically gain Improved Knockdown (again, regardless of prerequisites). So, Monk/Druid/Shifter build does not need much attributes other than Wisdom. Having descent Dex and Con will be useful, though.
In regard to survivability, monk build is much tougher as it gains monk AC bonus even when shifted, and even if he was wearing some armor in his original form. When shifted, only the property of the original armor is transferred and the shifted form is considered non-armored.
In SoU to HotU level range, the most useful combat forms will be Minotaur, Drow Warrior and Rakshasa. Rakshasa is great as it can ignore level 0-8 spells and has bludgeoning weapon, which is useful against some bone-based critters. Undead shapes are good but you may suffer painful defeat when meeting some opponent clerics.



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