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Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_Gawain_VIII on April 12, 2016, 01:05:14 am


There's something I've been wanting to do for a very long time, but I don't have the time or skill to do it by myself. I was hoping to see if I could garner interest from the community to team up with me to make this happen together.


The Valley of Obelisks, as described in the super-module "Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde", is a sandbox setting. It's detailed enough that it has a functional foundation from which to build upon, yet generic enough to not be constrained by issues of "canon" and other restrictive influences.


I really like this setting. I want to make it. I want to play in it. Ideally, it would be something that is designed to be played either solo, with a pre-built story & quests, or as a PW developing the story as the players' actions dictate.


So: before I get all gung-ho writing a novel outlining everything I want to accomplish...


Would anyone be interesting in working on this as a joint/team project with me?


Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_KlatchainCoffee on April 13, 2016, 08:08:31 pm


Man, more than a few of us have been there...


Unless you somehow manage to dig up a bunch of skilled people who would be as passionate about this as yourself, you'll be unlikely to put together a full-fledged PW. An elaborate SP mod would also mean a pretty sharp learning curve - even with all the advice you might get from more experienced folks here if you get stuck.  You may also search around in other internet communities for real fans of this setting to recruit, though I advise you to have a clear vision / action plan on your hands when you do.


If you want to get something off the ground sooner than 1000s years in the future...  I would suggest sketching out a rough story-arc you want to play out, break it down into bite-sized epizodes and model a series of smaller SP mods or scheduled DM-led sessions based on that. Smaller projects that can be expanded into something bigger. Also don't get bogged down in custom content - pick CEP or Q and add just a handful of stuff absolutely necessary for your tale (this would be easier with things like tilesets, music and portraits, and harder with things like placeables, heads/robes, creatues and other items).


I have too many commitments at the moment to -possibly- offer anything other than very limited clandestine testing, but, from my own experience, just mucking about in the toolset and building some areas and fleshing out some stories/NPCs can be fun enough to be a reward in itself. ;)


Good luck!


Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_Gawain_VIII on April 15, 2016, 04:33:57 am


I figured that would be the typical response... This isn't the first time I've tried to dust off my old project and get it going again. Had the same results last time, but I figured I'd at least try and maybe get lucky.


I've already decided what core components I'll be using (CEP 2.61 & HCR2 1.5). Overall, the outline of what I want done has been completed. Most of the non-quest map areas are already created, 35+ notable NPCs have been created, I've already designed a number larger "main story" quests and couple dozen small, unrelated, mini-quests. The foundation has been laid. Its a matter of applying all the little details--the nuts and bolts--to the existing framework that has been keeping this project on the back-burner for so long.


My biggest problem is the scripting, especially when it comes to setting up a persistence system. While I'm not exactly a novice programmer, I'm not well versed in Aurora's script language. I know enough about programming, in general, to modify an existing script (assuming it's has half-way decent documentation)... but doing anything from scratch beyond what can be set up in Lilac Soul's Script Generator--I'm a virtual dunce.


In any case, thanks for the suggestions... here's hoping someone sees this and takes a chance with me. *crossed fingers, knock on wood, etc.*


Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_henesua on April 15, 2016, 05:20:00 pm


If you have trouble scripting, here are your options:

  1. Get a team of awesome DMs that think like you do, and simply run events in a non-persistent module.

  3. Spend the time and learn how to script.

  5. Join another project

From what I can see above you've only scraped the barest surface of what you will need to do, and are limping along with option 2. You've gone maybe 1% of the way towards completing your project. I don't mean to discourage you. I was once in your shoes, and chose option 2. I learned what I didn't know, and mastered it. But it took time.


What option you pick is up to you. But you need to be honest with yourself and understand both how much effort is involved with this, and which option you are pursuing.


Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_Tarashon on May 03, 2016, 12:29:58 pm


Hello there Gawain :)

​First of all and most importantly its obviously great to see you have an interest in creating content for this wonderful dinosaur of a game :)


That being said there are some factors I'd like to point out for you to consider. I might be somewhat wrong in my assumptions but just the same I am fairly confident there is some truth to the matter and thus some advice that might help you, or at least that is my sole and honest intention :)


Since you ask for help and also have done this before it seems clear to me that your motivation in all honesty is simply not "strong enough" to do this project alone, and so it has never been finished as a consequense hereof.



Since this game has been running so long and with so many community expansions and so many dedicated content designers creating for it the demands on the creators has skyrocketed since we all started out so many years back. When I recall some of my first areas compared to now its... Simply put what was awesome 10 years ago will be considered unacceptable ugly and "soulless" today. Thus you will need a learning curve and a dedication curve that is simple staggering to stand a real chance of making "this happen".



From what you describe you have learned how to create areas and can script some and make dialogs etc also.


- - -


Basically all this, to me, points towards you abandoning your dream of being "anchor man" on a project and instead you become part of an existing team. Most running PWs have several continents/planes/settings within themselves and without having the slightest clue on your projects specifics  am more than confident that some PWs out there would be able to cater your dream within their scope. Thus you can become anchor for a part of the story and create your vision within another.

​The work needed to create a fully fledged PW is staggering and the demands on modules are , from what i understand , even more staggering in the sense that they require far less content more what is there must all be TOP NOTCH.


My point is that perhaps you would personally be better of working together in an existing project where your visions might see the light of day and others will get to enjoy them. And at the same time should you after that wish to develop something completely on your own you will already have the content you created for that PW and alot more experience.

​And finally.

Running a PW is alot more work than "just creating it". No matter what we imagine ourselves over and over we will be bombarded with fair and valuable request from players and or other DMs seing holes, bugs, lacks problems and balance issues we didn't see ourselves. so once you have spends thousand and thousand of hours creating your PW and let it go live... IF you attract any players then the real work begins. for the static PW in itself is not alive at all. its all the work and time that comes now that will make it so.


​Best of luck with whatever you choose though ! :)




Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_YeoldeFog on May 03, 2016, 12:59:50 pm


A very good and true post Tarashon. I have been trying to finish my PW for a couple of years now, and it's an incredible shitpile of work, and I would never EVER started it today since I know what it means - with that said, I am glad I didn't knew! ;)


Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_Tarashon on May 03, 2016, 01:26:33 pm


HAHA Yeoldefog, yes perhaps most of us are glad for the initial lack of knowledge. That being said wiser men than me have long since claimed that the journey is often more valuable than the destination. However if one is not fully up to walking the walk perhaps one would be better of cathing a ride on another man's ( m/w ) bus ;)



Title: Interest Check: Recruiting a Team for new PW Project
Post by: Legacy_Who said that I on May 27, 2016, 10:23:04 am

               All this is true and also great advice!

I have been working on my own pw alone for most of its creation. Certainly had some help here and there when I got extremely stuck. If I knew then what I know now than I probably would not even started it but then again than I missed out on all those incredible moments of learning. My project has been a heavy learning experience for me and honestly would not have wanted to miss it.

Also with a PW....its never DONE or FINISHED unless you stop playing on it. As tara so neatly mentioned players will ask you things, you will need to balance things out or alter something. Just be sure what you get yourself into.

Goodluck to you though and I look forward to the moment where you will showcase your module for the public :)