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Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Wallack on April 23, 2016, 11:19:59 pm »


Also, about spells per day, they will keep getting more slots up to level 40. And will try to modify the spells to increase its damage output to double its limit so spell casters doesn't become useless. This means that if a fireball does 1d6 up to 10d6 will end up doing 20d6.


Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Wallack on April 23, 2016, 10:34:40 pm »


Don't know about the party. I think a 80% with two people in the party is much more than what standard NWN servers do. It is actually 70% with 3 meaning a total of 210% experience from a single mob rather than 100%.


Won't be changing anything regarding UMD so everything should be pretty easy to use. At the end what I plan to do is to have a fun server rather than a restrictive one.


Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Dante2377 on April 23, 2016, 10:27:55 pm »

               also, how easily available will scrolls be (eg how useful will umd skill be)?

Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Dante2377 on April 23, 2016, 09:32:42 pm »

               one other thing - if you really want to encourage partying, have the xp be the same (100% or more of solo) in a party, rather than only 80%.

Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Wallack on April 23, 2016, 12:19:15 pm »




Keep in mind that this is more an action PW rather than a RP one where PVP can exists. But here we go with the answers.


The AB and the saves are scaled the same way, if on normal progression from 20 to 40 you get +1 to AB and saves every 2 levels, the scaling has been done so from 41 to 60 you get +1 every 3 levels and from 61 to 80 you get +1 every 4 levels.


To say it with numbers. If from 21 to 40 a character gain +10 base attack bonus from 41 to 80 a character gains an additional +12 so is not that much.


Ability scores, feats and skills gain I'm pretty sure is hardcoded. So you still get a feat every 3 levels and an ability point every 4 levels. Then you get bonus feat if your class allow it. The ability cap is up to +20 instead of the +12.


The AB is scalling only to an additional +12 (plus all the feats that you can get in those extra levels) so is not that much. A +20 AC on every item will give you an un-hittable character probably.


Casters now in NWN stop progressing past level 25. This is a shame. I would like to scale duration and damage of every spell to LVL 40 so you can have pretty powerful casters and not what they are now. But is a massive amount to modify so if there is no script pack available yet it will be a progressive modification to make casters useful.


Ok, so here is the thing. We will have standard NWN shops and then all the random generated items:


So you kill an enemy. A rat won't drop an item but a goblin will probably do. Chances vary from 8% to a 15% to drop a specified item. Rolls are done separately, so for every possible type of item (armor, weapon, shield, misc item (here I include clothing and helmets), scrolls ...) a roll is done and is compared. For example, only monster that cast spells will drop rod, wands or scrolls.


Now, we see the number of properties the item might have. It can go from 0 to 8 properties:


Inferior 02% 0 properties

Superior 25% 1 property

Enchanted 20% 2 properties

Powerful 15% 3 properties

Champion's 13% 4 properties

Epic 10% 5 properties

Heroic 07% 6 properties

Legendary 05% 7 properties

Titan's 03% 8 properties


And then, the quality of the properties are defined by the level of the mob. A BOSS mob will have more chances to drop good stuff and will go from 3 properties to 8.


Then, the bonus, the attack, enhancement and AC bonus is up to +16 on level 75+ mobs. Then, the bonus can be a normal bonus or against an alignment group (good, evil, neutral ...) or against a racial type. If is not a general one, the bonus is increased in 2d4. Meaning you can get a +20 bonus against a special racial type or alignment.


Armors and shields will always have an AC bonus property if they have at least one. Same with weapons, will have an enhancement bonus if they have at least one. Then if the weapon enhancement bonus is against a racial group, the damage bonus will also be targeted to that racial group.


The Runemaster is able to create items up to +20 but that will take time as they need to find all the needed runes and items with sockets. So that is an advantage for the pseudo class runemaster. Each pseudo class or subclass or profession has its own advantages.


About immunity on items. They will have a maximum of 1 immunity.


If you have any questions feel free to ask. But also give all the suggestions you want '<img'>


Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Dante2377 on April 23, 2016, 12:21:13 am »

               a couple of questions

- I see you've scaled AB past 40, are you also scaling ability scores and saves?  what about feats and skills?

- are you raising the various ac caps (dodge) or providing a way to scale AC since ab is scaling up?  

- how will casters scale, particularly if you're limiting one class to 40 levels?  will spell slots scale beyond level 20? what about spell damage and dc?  if enemy hp and saves scale to 80 then without this, casters become useless at high level.

- what level of magic items will be available? +5 +10 +20? will there be a lot of immunity items?

Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Wallack on April 21, 2016, 10:49:54 am »


Sounds like it will be fun to play. I like those subclass ideas.


Just wondering if it will be launching soon, and if it will be using any haks, like cep or project Q.


It should be ready in a month or even less, at least the first part of the server up to level 20.


Most of the systems are really escalable, meaning that we might start with 5 subraces and only 4 appearances to copy from or souls to hunt, but will be easily extenteded.


Will use only CEP as is the most common one but open to ideas!


I'm currently polishing the random item generator. I started using commche's random loot generator but it has some issues. The system is done in a way that easy monster give items with few and bad properties and high level monsters will give items with a lot and good properties.


I tweaked it and changed and optimized it so is easier to add more customization. Now, the level of the mob will determine the quality of the properties the item will have but the number of properties will be determined randomly. So a low level mob can give you an item with 8 properties but being them small.


Also added damage, ca and attack (and enhancement) bonus vs alignment group and races. And is done in a way that all the enhancements will be targeted to the same group, meaning that you won't have an item +3 vs evil +2d6 fire vs undead +1d4 cold vs neutral, all the vs will be the same.


Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Li'l Rose on April 21, 2016, 01:00:45 am »


Sounds like it will be fun to play. I like those subclass ideas.


Just wondering if it will be launching soon, and if it will be using any haks, like cep or project Q.


Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / World of Antaris (Action PW)
« Last post by Legacy_Wallack on April 18, 2016, 05:41:44 pm »




I'm working on a PW I called World of Antaris which will be basically an Action based PW where everyone is allowed to RP as much as they want but where they won't be forced to and not punished for what we call "diablo'ing".


I'm Spanish but will make the game in English as it would have more appeal.


This is the basic description of the server:


Levels from 1 to 80


From level 1 to level 40 the xp tables are the standard ones. From 41 to 80 each level takes 50.000 px (as opposed as currentlevel times 1000).


As levels 21 to 40 give a base attack progression of 1 every 2 levels, 41 to 60 give a base attack progression of 1 every 3 levels and 61 to 80 1 every 4 levels. Same for saving throws.


Maximum level for a class is 40 and for a prestige class is 30 to avoid breaking anything.


Leveling is done ingame through the game interface. The only weird issue is that the character sheet won't show the proper experience needed to reach the next level. An ingame item is provided to check for this but also the .2da in case the client want to download. This .2da is not needed and is only a visual change on the character sheet.


Every 20 levels there will be a quest to advance to the next level, as we will be going from basic, to epic, to legendary and then to godly levels. We might fight against gods in another planes, or who knows.


Custom experience gaining system.


The penalty for partying is really low. A party of 2 players of the same level will get a 80% (each) experience one of them alone would get, meaning that partying is encouraged.


As is an action based PW with tons of leveling the experience gained is really nice.


Account wide banking system


The presistent banking system will be account wide (as the authentication system). I myself prefer to start every char with no items but I see how some players might don't want to do this and working on system for them to break and start giving items from one character to another I think is better to leave this open and facilitate it.


Caps raised


The ability cap is raised from +12 to +20. The attack cap is raised from +20 to +40.


Subrace System


Initially there will be aproximately 30-40 subraces but they aren't available to every new player, they work in a way I think is really nice and going to explain here:


  • Acquired subraces: some mobs will drop a book, let's say a vampire drops the book for the Vampire subrace. This allows you to transform your current character to a vampire. If the character already holds a subrace you will be able to trade it to another character (yours or anyone's).


  • Unlocked subraces: some mobs will drop a book that will unlock that subrace account-wide. Let's say a goblin drops the book "Goblin subrace", you read the book and from now on you are allowed to create any character in your account with that subrace.


There will be tons of subraces as the system will read from a database making it easy to create additional subraces (no more than 5 min to create new subraces).


Subraces will apply permanent modifications in the sheet for the main 6 abilities and some may change the appearance, give additional bonuses or even allow you to transform (lycantropes anyone?).


Subclasses system


Once you reach level 5 you can get a subclass. Only one per character. Here's the current list of subclasses:


  • Master of shapes: allows you to learn shapes and transform into different creatures. The more level you have the more different types and number of creatures can yo transform into. You can learn and unlearn forms as you progress. This is similar to shifter but also, completely different as is not a polymoprh and it allows you to use your items.


  • Soul hunter: allows you to hunt the souls of your enemies. Different souls will give different properties. The higher your level the more souls you can bind to you. You can unbind useless souls as you get more powerful ones.


  • Creature hunter: you can hunt creatures, up to a maxium of 2 at level 15. Those creatures will be bound to you and will come to help when you call them. You can free them to capture new ones. Not every creature will be capturable but once you capture them, they won't change, if you capture a powerful dragon, he will be your puppy from now on.


  • Rune master: some monsters will drop items with sockets and gems to put into them. Only the runemaster can use and benefit from them. You want to make the perfect gear according to your needs? become a runemaster.


  • Summoning master: You can summon different creatures using the different ingame spells. Also the creatures you summon will be more powerful as you grow they will get bonuses. Also you can share any spell you cast on yourself with your summoned creature, your familiar and or your animal companion.

I'm working on two more that seems kind of lazy, the spell master, that will earn additional spell slots up to a maximum of 10 spell slots for each level and the master of death, that gets twice as much XP and doesn't lose xp when dying. Now when you die you don't suffer a money penalty but you do suffer a XP one, because even if is an action based PW I want some risk. Now you will lose all the xp you have over your current level, so dying means that you have to start the grind on your current level again. But it won't happen often if you are careful.


I would love ideas of more subclasses to implement.


Random item generation


I will use commche's random item generation to generate random item on loot and some chests. Also, in some towns, there will be merchants or vendor selling randomly generated items, meaning that with each restart they will sell new and exciting (I hope) stuff.


The system will be scaled to give stuff interesting even in the highest levels.


Player driven world


Even if I think is too late to start a PW and that only a bunch of my friends will play, I want everyone to be able to change the world. For starters, if you come with a group of friends and you are at least 3, you will get a headquarters for your team. Each new character on the three accounts will get an item to teleport to your HQ where you'll have a vendor, a container and some interesting stuff, and using the item again will teleport you to where you came from. Also there will be a portal to major locations.


Some other modifications


Still wondering what more things to add like a horse riding system and stuff. From now one important update is that the shifter class is fixed and will merge all the items depending on what you have equipped. Also, additional forms, for armed/unarmed, meaning that if you don't hold a weapon, the minotaur (For example) will be unarmed.


Other "big" change, although not really needed is that players can go up to 200 STR without having an issue where going from 100 to 101 gave the player a total weight capacity of 0. Nobody will be able to reach 100 STR but in the future we might raise the cap from 20 to 30 or 40 meaning we would be close.




This is more or less what the server is about, as I say the main idea is to create an epic world and currently I'm working with the main systems. After they are done I will open it and progresivelly add more stuff, I plan to start it with leveling from 1 to 20 and work on 21 to 40 in the meantime and so on.


Any idea and suggestion and question and whatever is welcome!


Thanks for anyone who read everything and regards.


Sorry for English, this browser doesn't have spell check '<img'>




The stability issues were not a comparison with windows, but as an operating system for pc home use vs a strictly server install was the comparison intended.


The research I did pointed to the possibility of stability issues when used as a desktop operating system, thus my use of "can have" vs "does have" stability issues. Windows is in any comparison less stable than Linux, but that was not the concern for the operating system for my home use computer. The legacy development software I have, Corel Draw, VS 2005, etc is all windows based, whats even worse is it's XP based. You can therefore see why why my specific needs require windows...... Too many thousands of dollars to switch/upgrade just for a hobby. Additionally, while the varied desktop linux distributions are increasing their market share, they still have a long way to go to catch up to huge market share of Microsoft Windows. This in no way means that Windows is a better built product, quit the opposite. It has only been a better marketed system and having it means that pretty much all hardware and software will work.


I also do indie game development in my spare, spare time...(lol, no, not a typo) and until linux distrubutions are more ubiquitous, I just can't take the time or money to spend on the learning curve and the investment in the engine, graphics, and development programs to switch platforms just for my hobby. '<img'>


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