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Title: Chapter 3 level and gp
Post by: Legacy_Merlex on November 17, 2011, 06:48:24 pm

               I want to finally finish the OC. I haven't played in quite a while. But i want a new character, starting in chapter 3. What level and how much gold for equipment. should i give my new mage.

Title: Chapter 3 level and gp
Post by: Legacy_HipMaestro on November 18, 2011, 12:21:42 am

               From the readme:

Chapter 3: Levels 13 to 17

Note: These are the estimated starting and ending levels, not a range of starting levels.  Level 13 sounds about right to me for a wizard since ECL usually offsets the lost XP of addtional party members that a wiz usually brings (hench, familiar, summon)

IMO, as a wizard (a mage can be either sorc or wiz so am assuming wiz here), your main failing will be missing out on all the scrolls available in earlier chapters.  You may want to either spawn them in yourself or just make do with the selection at level-up.  IIRC there are Boots of Speed somewhere among the loot of the first 2 chapters.  Those would be my own personal prereq and I could go pretty much naked otherwise.  Actually, with Extended Haste, you can get by without those as well.  Your pleasure. Unless you are planning a MM, and then you will either need high DEX/robes or armor/shield w/Still spells.

A pure caster really doesn't need any equipment.  Just items like scrolls and wands should be plenty good enough to finish the easy-peasy OC.  Maybe 10K gold sufficient to buy a few important do-dads.  There will be PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY of loot and gold in Ch 3 so start hoarding.

You will have missed access to Eltoora's lab with the special cloak but IIRC you can still get in for a fee as an aspiring arcanist.  You will also miss out on all the hench subquests unless you screw around resetting variables and spawning in reward items.  However, you will be able to drag along one hench to Ch 4 if partied at the end of Ch 3. The mention of the hench quests is that all those items are typically "automatic" and some of the best items in the campaign.  Again, your choice on how to handle that issue.

In any case, play on Hardcore (or harder) for at least a slight chance of a challenge.  Not remembering the layout should provide some challenge of its own, fortunately.


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Title: Chapter 3 level and gp
Post by: Legacy_Merlex on November 19, 2011, 12:22:40 pm

               Thank you for your reply. Wizard is correct. Wizard/ Spellsword/ EK. DA2 has warped my brainPosted Image 

I am going to spawn the henchie reward items, and the cloak. I'll use PRC's store to buy some of the more important spell scrolls. I always play on hardcore + in neverwinter games; as they are not so dependent on my physical skills as my character's abilities.

This will be my 3rd time through chapter 3 in 7 years, so i've forgotten most of it. I've been through chap 2 numerous times, as i have compulsive restart disease.