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Come play badlands!
« on: May 13, 2016, 09:51:06 pm »


Hey, I know people usually post things about, "The new and upcoming module that everyone's sure to **** their pants about!" Buut, I'm just here to spread the word about a server that I build and 'script' for, I'd really enjoy seeing a few more faces. Some of you may or may not know about it, as it's been a long standing module under the action section and it's had a varying number of versions, from legendary level 60 to regular old level 40, to badlands "RP."


Lately we've been issuing a lot of server changes.. alterations to spells and classes to ensure that almost everything has a use, similar to how bastions of war and dungeon eternal X functioned. Bastions of war with regards to classes, and DeX with regards to spells.


For now, it's mostly dedicated to action as that's pretty much all it's ever been, PVP, faction system, bosses etcetera. Right now we're in the process of adding a lot more PVE and PVM content as a decent number of people seem to gravitate towards this rather than pvp.


Here are the forums:


The IP of course is currently: