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Solar Odyssey Online
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Solar Odyssey Online

Connection Info
Storyline and Lore
Gameplay Features

A Little About Solar Odyssey Online

Step foot into a brand new universe!

Solar Odyssey Online is a science fiction server set on the planet Avantasia in the year 3735.

Centuries ago, a massive spacecraft crash landed in the thick jungles of Avantasia. With no way to get back home, the survivors were forced to make a new life for themselves.

Coupled with the raw resources found on this uninhabited and untamed world as well as the space-age machinery from their downed ship, the survivors were able to construct the thousand story city 'Zheckshan'.

Named after an early explorer, Zheckshan City expands upwards rather than outwards. It's said the city reaches beyond the atmosphere of Avantasia itself!

As a new resident of Zheckshan City, it's your time to make a name for yourself. Will you become the world's greatest monster hunter? Or will you go down the path to become an Ethermaster? The choice is yours!

Gameplay Features

Brand New classes and Abilities
  • Our classes are completely custom made. Play as an Elementalist, a Guardian, a Medic, or any one of the nine available classes.
  • With our unique system you can even switch classes from any safe location, such as a city. Rest assured that the progress you make on one class won't be lost when you switch to another. You're free to try all the classes out as you please - all from the same character!
  • Master dozens of new abilities. Utilize the assassin's phase warp techniques to deal damage on your foes. Quickly lay waste to powerful adversaries with Gunslinger's Eagle Eye Shot ability. Or support your party with the Commander class which utilizes 'shout' and 'yell' abilities which provide increased health regeneration and much more to all party members in the area of effect.
Learn New Skills
  • Master over twenty new skills! Simply use the skill to gain experience and it will quickly level up.
  • Train skills like mechanical engineering, machine guns, heavy armor, black ether, and more. The list goes on and on!
Manufacture New Items
  • Create nearly 200 items via the custom manufacturing system.
  • Collect rare blueprints, create them and sell them to fellow players to make a profit and a living.
  • Three manufacturing skills are currently implemented: Metalworking, Mechanical Engineering, and Leatherworking. If you're looking for a crafting intensive world to thrive in, Solar Odyssey Online is the place for you!
Brand New Storyline and Lore Awaits
  • Our head of storyline, Mercury Man, has written numerous stories to help shape the universe of Solar Odyssey Online.
  • Some of the backstory behind SOO can be read here: Storyline Section or at the in-game library located in the entertainment district.

If you haven't been by in a while, here's some of the new features that have been recently implemented:
  • A new class system (detailed a little above)
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • New creature AI based on what's called the 'Enmity System'. Creatures determine their target based on who is the biggest threat.
  • Several new missions
  • Tons of new blueprints
  • Weapons and armor are now on the 'Defense and Damage' system. Weapons have DMG ratings and armor has a Defense rating. Both of these are used to calculate damage.
  • New areas have been added and several dungeons have had revamps. Look forward to new item drops and more things to do.
Unfortunately, a single post can't cover all of the unique features Solar Odyssey Online offers. I encourage you all to come stop by and check us out. Be sure to say hi on the forums, too!

Hope to see some new faces '<img'> Cheers!


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