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Blackstone Keep - RP-Lite/Action PW
« on: July 16, 2010, 02:56:24 am »

               I thought I would throw my 2 cents in since everyone else is '<img'>.

NWault Entry

NWVault Review

Blackstone Keep Forum

Blackstone Keep is easy for a low level character to get started in.
It has received the Hall of Fame World and Reviewers Reward from, it has been up about 8 years.

Blackstone Keep is an RP-Lite world. RP your character the way you want or just hack and slash, it is your choice. This module is meant to be fun not frustrating, so it has lenient rules in regards to resting and dieing.

Blackstone is not set in the D&D universe. It features a main plot with a definite goal. A large world with well over a hundred areas. Plenty of side quests to challenge and level your character. Numerous secret areas to discover.

Lots of custom magical items for your character to find. Persistent storage for player items. Several subraces/subclasses. Proactive deities that will directly intervene on behalf of your character. Role playing tools such as emote wands and racial specific languages. Socketed weapons, forge stones that you can use to customize the power of your items.

Lots of quests to do. No cost appearance crafting. In game character deleting. Custom weapon blessing based on your deity. CEP2.3 hak required.



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